Bippus Automobile Storage Co.
260-433-7379   (Verizon cell)
Summer storage is available at a discounted flat rate of $100/month.

WINTER 6-month storage net price is $702.00, PREPAID AT TIME OF CAR CHECK-
IN.  Price is based on rate of $130/month, less 10% discount of $78.00.  
Heating, electricity, insurance and property taxes have all skyrocketed.

Winter season is defined as November-April, plus / minus one month.


We don't want to have you disappointed by having to turn you away because all spaces have
already been sold.  Customers who contracted the PREVIOUS YEAR will have priority to reserve
again, expiring on October 31.  Remaining spaces will be offered to new customers in order of
their date of inquiry.  Cash deposits will trump inquiry dates.  It cannot be emphasized strongly
enough to contact us and inquire early in the year.  Early reservations, secured by a $100.00
deposit that will credit against your seasonal rate, will hold your space until Thanksgiving.
After that time seasonal payment in full will hold your space for the duration of the winter.  If full
payment is not made, the $100.00 deposit will be forfeited because other customers will certainly
have been turned away.  Snow conditions that block the path to the entry door will not constitute
reason for any full or partial refunds of previous payments, nor is Bippus Automobile Storage
obligated to keep the entry path clear during inclement weather.  
Get your car into storage EARLY, before salt trucks hit the roads!
Subject to space availability, a deposit check in the amount of $100.00, made out to
Bippus Automobile Storage, will secure a space and can be mailed to:

Bippus Automobile Storage Co.
c/o  Tom Hoczyk
12611 Carroll Ridge Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN  46818-8797

Call Tom today!  260-433-7379
Why should YOU store at Bippus Autombile Storage?

  • Reasonable rates.  Compare un-insulated self-storage unit prices and see!                                
    Condensation (moisture) on contents in Spring is common in these units.
  • No "teaser" deals!  Unlike the phone and cable companies who jack up your rate after a year,
    if you consistently store with Bippus Automobile Storage consecutively year after year,
your rate NEVER goes up!
  • Concrete floors, no weeds growing up to rust the bottom of your car.
  • Climate controlled.  Low humidity:  the secret of keeping a good car looking great!
  • Safe and secure.  Never a security problem in the history of the company.
  •      TLC:  Tender Loving Care by the owners.    No one cares for your car better than someone
    who also loves cars!
  • Western Allen County residents only, free complimentary transportation to and from your
    home at the beginning and end of the storage season.